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Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Support Bundle

Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Support Bundle

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Introducing our targeted health solution: the Blood-Sugar and Cholesterol Support Bundle. Our Turmeric, containing 95% curcuminoids and enhanced with Bioperine, is known for effectively combating inflammation and aiding muscle and joint health, while also working as a powerful tool to reverse insulin resistance. The Bitter Melon, known for its blood sugar and cholesterol-regulating properties, is especially beneficial for individuals with diabetes or high cholesterol. Together, they don’t just offer individual benefits; they work in tandem to harmonize your body’s wellness, significantly aiding in managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Bitter Melon

  • Organic Bitter Melon extract (Fruit) (Momordica charantia) - 250 mg per two (2) capsules
  • Organic Bitter Melon powder (Stem) - 410 mg per two (2) capsules 
  • Vegetable Cellulose Capsules 

Free from: Magnesium stearate, dairy, yeast, wheat, sugar, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors 

Turmeric +

  • Organic Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (95% Curcuminiods) Curcumin C3 complex - 1000 mg per two (2) capsules.
  • Black Pepper (fruit) extract (95% piperine) Bioperine - 10 mg per two (2) Capsules
  • Vegetable Cellulose Capsule 

Free from: Magnesium stearate, dairy, yeast, wheat, sugar, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors 

Suggested Use

Bitter Melon

Adults - Two (2) capsules per day, on an empty stomach with a full glass of water, preferably 30 minutes before a meal.

Turmeric +

Adults - Two (2) capsules per day, on an empty stomach with a full glass of water 30 to 60 minutes before meals. 

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Discover Blood-Sugar & Cholesterol Support

Turmeric +

Unique Formula

  • Unlike Turmeric alternatives, our formula contains 95% Curcuminoids, which is the active ingredient in Turmeric. Additionally, we've added Black Pepper Extract (BioPerine) to ensure optimal nutrient absorption, improving the associated benefits.

Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Regulation (Diabetes Support)

  • Curcumin (Turmeric’s main ingredient) aids in enhancing insulin sensitivity, thereby playing a crucial role in blood sugar regulation. Its anti-inflammatory action is also beneficial in reducing the risk of chronic complications associated with diabetes. Additionally, curcumin has been found to improve serum lipid profiles by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol, making it a valuable ally in cholesterol management.

Inflammation & Immunity

  • Turmeric is best known for its potent anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. Once inside the liver, Turmeric helps flush out toxins, aiding blood purification. Turmeric's active ingredient (Curcuminoids) are also known to improve immune response, preventing the onset of allergies and infections.

Cognitive Function

  • Turmeric improves oxygen intake within the brain, improving cognitive function and it's related processes. Notably, Turmeric is linked to Alzheimer's prevention by reducing inflammation, oxidation, and amyloid plaques.

Bitter Melon

Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Levels

  • Bitter Melon improves several markers of long-term blood sugar control, including levels of fructosamine and hemoglobin A1c.
  • Bitter melon contains charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p – all of which contribute to its blood glucose-lowering effect. These compounds work by increasing the uptake and utilization of glucose in the peripheral tissues, improving glucose tolerance, and reducing intestinal absorption of glucose. Furthermore, bitter melon has been found to have a lipid-lowering effect, which can be beneficial in managing cholesterol levels.

Immunity & Cancer

  • Bitter Melon holds a diverse range of nutrients. Among the eight types of vitamins present in the plant, vitamins C, A, folate, pantothenate, and niacin work to solidify the immune system, keeping you protected all year round.
  • Studies have shown the cancer-fighting properties of Bitter Melon, displaying effectiveness against stomach, colon, lung, nasopharynx, and breast cancer cells.

Weight Loss

  • Bitter Melon is low in calories but high in fiber. Human and animal studies have shown that extracts from all parts of the plant assist in decreasing belly fat and body weight.

Synergistic Relationship

  • When Turmeric and Bitter Melon are taken together, their complementary actions offer a holistic approach to managing blood sugar and cholesterol. Turmeric’s enhancement of insulin sensitivity works in tandem with Bitter Melon’s glucose utilization properties. This combination not only helps in controlling blood sugar levels but also aids in reducing the risk of diabetes-related complications. Additionally, the combined effect on lipid metabolism can lead to a healthier cholesterol profile, further supporting cardiovascular health. This synergy offers a natural and effective way to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, particularly benefiting those with diabetes.

Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Support

Turmeric enhances insulin sensitivity, complementing Bitter Melon’s ability to improve glucose utilization and tolerance. This dual action not only aids in regulating blood sugar levels but also supports a healthier cholesterol profile, making it an ideal choice for those managing diabetes.

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